Low Back Pain Treatment

Low Back Pain Treatment for Baton Rouge, LA

Low back pain can be a devastating affliction — it can interfere with even the simplest day-to-day activities due to its persistent and intense nature. If you want relief from your low back pain, turn to Dickinson Chiropractic LLC. With a variety of specialized techniques and methods at our fingertips, we are proud to bring low back pain treatment to those in need in and around Baton Rouge, LA.

Our Low Back Pain Treatment Options

A plethora of underlying issues can create low back pain, so when you go to a specialist, you will want to be sure that they determine the cause and use the right treatment plan to bring you relief. At Dickinson Chiropractic LLC, we use the latest diagnostic methods to determine your issue and find a treatment method — or methods — to bring you the relief that you deserve.

We can use our years of experience to feel out abnormalities in your back, but we also have access to on-site digital x-rays. These x-rays will allow us to view your back’s problem areas and determine which treatment methods to employ moving forward. When you work with us, you can count on a thorough diagnosis of your low back pain.

Our team uses a variety of different treatment methods to create a customized treatment plan for our patients — not all low back pain cases are the same. From electrical stimulation therapy and chiropractic manipulation to traction and hot and cold therapy, we will bring you low back pain relief with tried and true techniques and technology.

Why Choose Us for Low Back Pain Treatment

For over a decade, Dickinson Chiropractic LLC has been treating patients and giving them comfort. Our main priority is to let you live your life normally once again. You don’t have to deal with low back pain on your own — let us help.

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